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At AJ Autos, we provide a wide range of automotive services some of which can be seen below. It would be impossible to list all our services so feel free to pick up the phone and check if we can help you. Why pay main dealer prices when you can get the same service at heavily discounted prices compared to main dealers. If you don't see what you need here please call anyway and we'l happily advise accordingly

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Maintenance & Servicing

AJ Autos specialises in servicing to manufacturers specification and without invalidating the dealer warranty! For VAG models, we are able to update your car's online digital servicing record.

We use original manufacturer components, or equivalent, to service your vehicle to the highest standards as specified by the manufacturer – but for up to 50% off main dealer prices!

Brake & ABS Repairs

Are your brakes able to stop you quickly? Good quality brake fluid is vital to keep your brakes in good working order. Unfortunately, brake fluid does not last forever because it deteriorates as it absorbs moisture, which in-turn can effect your braking.

Typically, VW, Audi, SEAT and Skoda vehicles recommend this to be changed every 2 years.

Shocks, Struts Replacement

With the number of pot holes and general state of roads these days, your shock absorbers have a bit of a hard time.

This can result in a very rough ride taking the pleasure out of driving and potentially causing you strain.

System Diagnostics & Repair

If your car is just not performing as well as it used to, or you have a specific fault you want us to investigate and fix, we have the equipment and skills to get to the root cause.

We use genuine Dealer Level diagnostics and only carry out the work once you give us the authorisation to do so.

Air Conditioning Services

A healthy air conditioning doesn’t just keep you cool, it can also significantly improve the quality of the air you breath and prevent irritation from dust and fungus.

By keeping your AC clean, efficient and free from fungus & bacteria you will stay fresh, alert and healthy whilst driving.

AJ Autos specialises in re-gassing and air conditioning treatment for both traditional Aircon systems (R134A gas) as well as the new systems (R1234YF gas).

Cam Belt Replacement

A Cambelt, or timing belt, is crucial to the smooth operation of an engine as it controls and manages the way valves open and close and regulates how your engine runs. It is an important part of all engines and manufacturers strongly advise replacement as per their schedule to avoid severe damage in case of failure.

AJ Autos recommends its customers to follow manufacturer’s guidelines as well as listening out for tell-tale signs such as engine ‘squeal’ whilst running – this could indicate a worn or damaged Cambelt.

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What Our Clients Say

Here's what our clients say about AJ Autos

Friendly, helpful and trustworthy. Keener prices and superior workmanship to VAG dealers.

Adam Jefferson

AJ Autos Customer

Really happy with the service AJ Autos provided me with. I was kept up-to-date throughout the process and never had to chase.
Had clutch replaced and some work on gearbox. feels like I’m driving a new car.
Will definitely use again.

Samantha Dunmall

AJ Autos Customer

Good Mechanics Always ready to Sort out your Car problems even at Short Notice

Peter Crockford

AJ Autos Customer

Been using this garage for years. Always well organized, has the car done usually within 3 hours, friendly service.

Sarah Jay

AJ Autos Customer

Hassle free. Great service.

Jim Howard-Birt

AJ Autos Customer

I’ve been using AJ’s for years and would highly recommend him. He always explains things clearly and lets me know if anything unexpected has cropped up and approximately how much it will cost. I have never felt that I’ve been ripped off unlike other garages I’ve used.

Tor Hobbs

AJ Autos Customer

Can’t recommend AJ Autos highly enough. Kept me updated throughout the process and the repair was actually cheaper than quoted!
So glad I’ve found a garage I can trust. Will definitely use again.

Luke Sadler

AJ Autos Customer

AJ comes across as very honest which I think is very important. I don’t want to feel I have been charged for something that didn’t need doing and I believe AJ wouldn’t do that.

John Phillips

AJ Autos Customer
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